Let The Good Times Roll

All pictures above were sourced from Tumblr
I often think what would Grandma and Grandad say if I told them I had a blog, I think my grandma knew I had one but did not really know what one really was and how I would show her my Instagram feed and Grandad would be watching a picture that he had seen about 10 million times but still loved it or he would be moaning as we would be talking and telling us to be quiet. So Grandma would just wink and me and I would laugh and then I would look and Grandad and say "please forgive me Grandad" and would give me a hug. I miss those days so much, I loved fridays they were the best days ever and we would have a blast till last summer when Grandad's dementia got worse and we couldn't leave him for a few hours. I often think what Grandma would say to me if I told her about my new job which I started just after she got really poorly she would say something positive and then say 'nothing stays the same'. She would be so pleased that I was enjoying my job, I remember when I told her I got the job and it was the best news she'd heard all day and couldn't wait till everyone about it. I often think what Grandad would say if he knew Fiona and got her own car, he'd be over the moon and would want to hear all about my sisters car and what colour he was. Then he would say something like 'mind what your doing on the roads' infact Grandma would say the same too. I often think how Grandma would have loved to have heard about our holiday to Cyprus and had a few of the photos framed and put in the house. I often think how hard life is when you loose people who you love more than anything in the world. You have to remember they are always in your hearts and forever looking down on you.

I love these kind of posts that are no planned, you just start typing away and you seem to bring out the best. Also a credit to some of my favourite vintage photos that were sourced on Tumblr.

Lets make a toast, to my Grandma Betty and Grandad Tenny.
Also known as Mr and Mrs Tennyson Hall who we love dearly and forever with us till death do us part.

Love Charlottie x 

A Cyprus Adventure I Summer In October

Hello lovely people, I am offically back in York however my heart is in Cyprus. I got back on Saturday after having a super week in the sun with the family. It was a year since my grandad had passed away on Saturday 28th October (the day we were going away) so that was not easy and we raised a toast to him then of course my Grandma died nearly 2 months ago unexpectedly so we have not had the best of times so it was really good to get away and enjoy ourselves. I must say we were very lucky with the weather and it turned out to be pretty good. Now its back to work, christmas is on its away and to be quite honest I really aren't in the christmas mood yet, this year will be very strange without not just Grandad but Grandma too! I guess we just have to think of the happy times we all had celebrating Christmas and last year Grandma came to us and that was our first Christnas without Grandad. So we'll just have to see how that plans out but back to  the blog and most importantly this post. This post will be a photo diary of a few of my favourite photos of my holiday in Pathos, Cyrpus.

Here are just a few holiday pictures from Cyprus, hope you enjoyed this short photo diary.

Lottie x

Reflecting on October

Where has October gone..what a month it has been. I honestly did not expect a month to be like this.
How can things just happen for a reason? Anyway I started this month with the deversating news that  my beloved Grandma had passed away and it was heartbreaking for the family and her close friends. How was it possible for that Grandma had gone and we were never going to see her, hear her voice and just not having her in our lives anymore. All I kept thinking was she was not suffering anymore and she was in heaven with Grandad. Gosh life is not the same without them, some days I wake up and wish I could text Grandma or give her a ring. I hate you cancer. Why after all these years would you come back.. she would of still been here and she wasn't even ready to go yet!! Life is so cruel thats all I am going to say on the matter.

So because of my Grandma the posts have lacked this month I just have not felt like posting anything and then I finally got round to doing my L'oreal True Match review which I was so surprised how people loved it. You guys are seriously the best and I would 100% recommend it if you are looking for a drugstore foundation. The other week I went to Leeds and bought the most loveliest jumper and shirt (pictured above) from Zara which I loved. The jumper is perfect for this weather its so fluffy and warm... and has to be my favourite. One shop I also loved was And Other Stories now I lovve this store so much but some pieces can be very expensive and I was lucky even though to get this junper half the price which I was very happy about.

I hope you have had a good month and lets get excited because Christmas is on its way!

Keep smiling

Lottie x

The Future Is Female

I once had an idea about having a blog but never having the confidence to actually start one, but now I am doing it and have been for a while. After blogging for a little while now you start to question your journey and how you made it real. My blog is my hobby as quite a lot of you will most likely know already but just like any blogger I like to make changes to it now again and keep it looking fresh. For the past couple of months my mind has honestly not been in the blogger mood as usually how I would want it to be but I have still been producing some posts and have been pleased with how they have turned out. Instagram for me has been such a great app that I have been come obsessed about and always like to try and post twice a day. Somethings I can get carried away with myself and like to post a few more, it just depends on what images I have backed up on my phone and how I look to see what images I can post so the content never gets boring and its always different. I believe it is so important to keep changing your photos around and have different ones going. 

My feed from the other week shows a lot of style inspiration but also has that retro feel to it. I had to feature my And Other Stories fragrance which actually after starting to use it I find it is very sweet and I am not keen on sweet sweet fragnances. New perfume's are hard to come back.. I suppose you could say thats why I ALWAYS wear Chanel. Chanel why are you so expensive but smell so beautifully.. its funny because just before my Grandma became really poorly I went to see her and I gave her a hug and kiss and do you what said 'You smell devine' I will forever remember those words. Thats when you know you have the fragrance for you when your Grandma says that to you. I was looking back through some old blog posts and remembering how I started my blog and much it has developed over 2 and half years. I occassionally look at other people's and say 'oh I wish mine looked like that' but everyone is different and I am happy with Lottie's Lott.

If you have a blog or just started one then I would defintely say keep doing it and keep working on it. You get better and better over time and don't compare your blog to others.

Lottie x

L'Oreal True Match Foundation Review

Today I wanted to share with you my first proper beauty blog post, it was something that I been thinking about doing for a while and then all of a sudden it happened.. to be honest I do not know what came over me. I just got into the blogger mood and decided taking pictures of a flatlay - the images above I am very pleased off as they are my first ever flatlay (they actually came out better than I though.) About a couple of months ago back in Summer I decided I wanted to try out using a drugstore foundation and wanted something very similar to Mac Cosemetics which was what I had been using before. I don't like thick foundations at all they don't do anything for my skin so what I loved about Mac Cosemtics was how did a mineralised foundation was perfect for my skin. It was light and creamy on face and lasted all day but it was expensive. So after looking on the internet to see what best drugstore foundations they were I thought lets try Loreal True Match, I had heard some great things about it. So I went into Boots and had a look at Loreal True Match foundation and came home with the lightest shade and I was so happy with it as it was the perfect shade for my skin tone. I ended up going for the 1.R/1.C  in Rose Ivory. 

The thing I love about True Match is it comes in so many different shades so you are bound to find one that matches your skin tone. I was very lucky in the fact that it did not take me long enough to find one and even though the testers were awful and not appealing I ended up going away with a lovely new foundation. I do find once you have used it a little while the pump and lid get lots of foundation on them which becomes messy and I spend ages trying to clean it and make it look pretty again. But for the price of £9.99 which is great if you don't want to spend so much on foundation but still want it to look just as good as a highend foundation then this is defintely the one for you. The product itsself says how super blendable the foundation is and how it perfectly matches your skin colour and I have to agree with it as it is. It is so easy to blend and I use a foundation brush to apply and just buff it all around my face. The consistancy is so creamy but always leaves my skin feeling light, its never felt thick and lasts all day. I would defintely repurchase it again.

Lottie x

September Favourites I Photo Diary

Keeping up with the monthly favourites has been really difficult to do and if you have just read my brand new post about my month then you will know I just recently lost my Grandma. So things have been tough and we have her funeral coming up shortly which will be sad and happy because we get to remember how great her life was with her favourite people and now she is reunited with my Grandad who's one year anniversary is coming up in the end of October. So with this post I chose some of my favourite tumblr sourced pictures above and as you can see from them I went for a sophiscated, classy vibe but by the end I went for a coffee inspiration post with the loveliest of glasses ever! Tumblr has the best photos if you are feeling like you need some inspiration they are great. I would reccommend it.. I find it great and I love posting them on my Instagram too. 

Who loves the red blouse and white spots with the black ankle boots?!


The cutest outit ever and I love it so much! 

Sorry about this post being rather short but at this sad time that me and my family are going through I thought I would do a photo diary of my favourites.

Lottie x

Reflecting on September

September, September, September.. how fast have you come and go? The weather has defintely changed and Auturm is pretty much hear now. Waking up to those dark rainy mornings, feeling chilly and the thought of having another pair of shoes with you incase you get drenched? Well that has what has happened to me recently that is for sure. The trees are starting to change colour and the leaves are falling, the scarfs, hats, gloves and jumpers are coming out and to be honest it does feel nice to be wearing cosy warm clothes again. Halloween is coming and so is Christmas! This month has been a funny old month filled with ups and downs but you have to keep going. I do not have a lot to say in this post apart from due to personal reasons my blog has been forgotten about this month and I have only published one blog post so far, I am planning to do a few more as soon as I but I have been so busy doing other things and being there for the family. It is very hard to fit it in but I hope soon things will get back to normal, you will just have to bear with me.

September is the birthday month for my Grandma, Grandad and sister. Sadly we lost my Grandma who died on Thursday 21st September which actually was her birthday.. can you believe that!? It was something that happened and we had no control over it. It happened so fast and something that should not of happened because she did not deserve to die like that. I hate you cancer for coming back 7 years later and nastier than before. At least now Grandma is not in any pain and reunited with my Grandad in heaven. We both miss you so much, you were both incredible and life will not be the same without you. Thank you for being the best you could be, forever grateful and will always have the memories and videos and the love till I die. You will never be forgotten, how could you possibly be? And as you both used to say.. now we pass the batton on..

Betty Hall

Grandma Betty this is for you.. so I hope you are listening
Thank you for everything, thank you for being the most amazing Grandma, mum and mother in law and friend. I lost not just a Grandma but a best friend and a second mum. One day I will tell my children all about you and how lucky I was to have a Grandma like you. You are one in a million. Now go and tell Grandad the exact same. 

Your granddaughter Charlottie 

Disclaimer: All the black and white photos were sourced from Tumblr
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