Sunday, 25 October 2015

My 50th Blog Post I Blogging is fun

Lately I have been looking at my blog stats and thinking ' a lot of you guys have been checking out my posts today' which is a good and exciting feeling. I like being able to share my love of Vintage with you all and the last couple of weeks I have been blogging quite a bit and it has been great! Finally been able to enjoy being able to blog and be able to fit it in with work and when I am off I focus my time and effort on blogging. It is my happy place, the place that I have created to share an interest with you.The other week I uploaded a George Harrison and Current Favourite post and thought '22 people have read it' and to me that is a lot! Yes its true, I would never expect thousands of people to view what I post, I do not even think about that, I just like sharing a part of what I love with you and to be honest It makes me happy.

Velvet Teddy lipstick and a leopard print blouse from Topshop.

Why do I post long introductions? I do not know. I just seem to waffle on half the time.
This post will be my 50th and I cannot believe it. Here are my 5 reasons why:

  • How have I managed to write about 49 different things?
  • How have been able to keep people interested for this long?
  • In February this year I would not have thought this would happen!
  • I blogged too much on Marilyn Monroe,
  • My blogs when I started barely had any context in them.

I have loved learning so much about Vintage, Fashion and Old Hollywood Stars. I also began to learn more about 60's icons recently and my love of The Beatles returned. I also became a George Harrison lover. I never was until over a month ago, It was always Paul and John. They were my favourites,

Posts I am hoping to do soon

  • Elizabeth Taylor, I do not know why I have not blogged about her yet! 
  • Vintage wish list - I have seen a lot of wish lists lately and came across some new things that I would love to get and thought this is definitely something I want to share with you.
  • The Beatles - I have too, Its part of my love of music and I have been a fan for 7 years!
 Thank you for reading and I will be back soon with another post! Also do not forget to keep up to date with my blog posts on bloglovin' it is the easiest way! You can find the link on previous posts and on my twitter! 

Love Lottie xxx


Saturday, 24 October 2015

My Favourite Pattie Boyd Photos I 60s Model

As you can probably tell I am really making the time to blog because it is my happy place and I enjoy being able to share with you my love of Vintage, Fashion and Old Hollywood Stars. The past 10 weeks have been crazy but the best. I started my new job and I was not blogging much because I was beginning a new chapter of my life. Now I feel like I can dedicate any spare time I have to my blog.
My latest blog posts have been on 60 icons and I am really loving blogging about them and today this post will be on a certain woman called Pattie Boyd the first wife of George Harrison. You guys know how much I love George and I love posting pictures of them on my social media so I could not resist.

This was supposed to be a 'Facts about Pattie' but when I began to put this together I realised that majority of people that know of Pattie will already know quite a lot of things about. She is known for marrying George Harrison and Eric Clapton. It was a pretty crazy that George, a few years later was Eric's best man at his ex's wedding!

So today's post is doing favourite photos of her that I picked out and wanted to share with you. Unfortunately I can not post every single picture of Pattie on my Instagram so I thought this would be a great way of showing you pictures that I love of her and probably some with George too because I adore George Harrison and love pictures of them both together, they were the 'IT couple back in the 1960's so how could you possibly not love them?

Here are a few of my favourite pictures of Pattie during her days as a model.

When I was looking at photo's of there are so many black and white ones and I really wanted some colour in there too! 

I could post so many other pictures, I found some great ones and they will be appearing on my Twitter, Facebook and Instagram so be sure to check those out as always links will be below.

I hope you enjoyed looking through a few of my favourite images of Pattie. It would have been so long if I had done a few facts, I mean you cannot possible do a few sentences on her relationship with George without not going into a lot of detail.. Not to mention when Eric Clapton came onto the seen. Before I had even planned on doing this blog post, for my own interest in George and Pattie I saw so many things online which Pattie had spoken about their marriage and even YouTube video's of them both, 

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Thursday, 15 October 2015

The IT Girl | Alexa Chung | Look Book

Hello everyone!

It is nice to have time to do regular blog posts again because I hated posting one every week or even 2 weeks. So this week it's been a great feeling and I love blogging so I have enjoyed fitting it when I have free time on my hands. I really wanted to do an review on IT by Alexa Chung but since she released it two years ago I know you would have all seen lots of reviews and you surely do not want to read anymore!

Instead I have decided to create a little look book of all my favourite Alexa pictures.
I really hope you enjoy this post!

Alexa Chung Look Book

All these photos I love. How she takes a selfie, to the clothes she wears & her facial expressions! Don't you all not think?

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