Hello everyone and I hope you had such an amazing Easter - spending time with family and eating lots of chocolate! Well today this is my 80th post which is just beyond crazy, it feels like forever since I was blogging about my 50th post!

I had planned this post on something completely different but I decided to change it at the last minute on Instagram. I do apologise to you all especially the ones who don't have Instagram or hardly use it.
It is something that Instagram have decided to change and its going to happen tomorrow. As many of you will know who are bloggers or just people that have an account that your feed will be changing and they have decided that Instagram will have have the best posts on your feed which I find annoying and I really don't get why they have to change it just because millions of people use the app! Of course so many people like myself are NOT happy with it and everyone has been using the hash tag #KeepInstagramChronological and saying to their followers to tap where the three dots are on your account and click on Turn on Notifications if you like the person's posts.

By doing this it means people will get notifications when you post so people can then go and like it or leave a comment which you usually do. Its annoying for those people like myself who either are a part time blogger or even a full time blogger or even just someone who has lots of followers.
It could mean that our followers won't like our posts because their feeds will have other posts on them.

I even put this in my Instagram bio - to tap the turn on notifications please. Its really stupid and the only reason why they are doing it because Instagram is so popular and they will be making lots and lots of money.

Do you agree with Instagram or like myself who doesn't?

Apparently there will be an update so people are saying please don't update and make sure you turn on the notifications to your favourite accounts!

Thank you for all the support and to everyone who does follow me on Instagram. I hope you continue to enjoy my posts and keep following me.

Lottie x

To The 90's We Go.

Good morning, good afternoon or even good evening where ever you are in the world. It got me thinking the other day, I always talk about the era's I sadly was not here on the Earth and yet I hardly ever talk about the 90's, the year I was born in and the people who made the 90's such an incredible era to be in. Here are three people who I absolutely loved in the 90's. Kate Moss, Leonardo Dicaprio, Johnny Depp, The Spice Girls and Jennifer Aniston. Of course there are so many more but its impossible to blog about them all! So lets celebrate some of the stars from the 90's shall we? 

Here are just a few photos of icon's from the 90's. I hope you all enjoyed this post. This brought back to me the Spice Girls days and how amazing they were!

Lottie x

The Anna Karina Post

Hello everyone! Welcome back to another new post! 
So who has not heard of Anna Karina? Well by the end of this post you will definitely have!

The chances are you've pinned a beautiful photo of Anna Karina on Pinterest or even Instagramed a photo of her on your feed. You know what? That is exactly what I did and now I thought I'd share her in my blog! I did not know anything about her but she's a Danish beauty, a wife of a director Jean-Luc Godaed and became known for her irresistible charm and timeless style, both on screen and off.

During a photoshoot with Elle Magazine, she met the legendary Coco Chanel who the young Dane to change her name to the catchy Anna Karina,

Lottie x


Hi everyone! As you all would have known that the other day (Tuesday 8th March 2016) was of course #InternationalWomensDay you probably posted a quote like this on your Twitter and Instagram accounts or even retweeted, I'm right aren't I?

Well after reading through quotes and pictures people shared on social media about #WomensDay it got me thinking I wanted to share with you a post of a few of my favourite icons. I bet you already know a few of them and every Wednesday on Instagram lots of people use the hashtag #wcw (Women Crush Wednesday) and post a picture. I've just done that and I wanted to share with you a few of my favourite because each Wednesday it has to be different!

I was going to add a few others but you would probably already know them such as Marilyn and Audrey! New to my #WCW list has to be Patti Smith and Francoise Hardy.

Who are your favourite women idols?

Thank you all for showing so much love for the last few posts I have done! I have been amazed how many have you have liked them. I cannot thank you enough!

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I'll see you all very soon with a new post coming to my blog very soon!

Love, Lottie xxx


Hey everyone! Welcome back or shall I say I'm back! Yes its been a few weeks since I've sat down and blogged. The last couple of weeks have been so busy at work and I haven't had chance to sit down and think of anything I wanted to blog. Its a good job I didn't upload all my posts I did during my week off in February! Gosh that seems like ages ago.. I actually have one post to go up then I have to sit and get back to blogging when I possibly can. I really fancied a catch up, another chatty post I guess. I have been loving posts like this. My #MondayMotivation Post I uploaded a few weeks ago has done amazingly well and I honestly cannot believe it. It's pretty crazy and even my chatty post too. I love you guys. Thank you so much! Did I tell you I've been absolutely had the best time scrolling through Twitter and Instagram looking at 90's images and no not just of Kate Moss either.
I've also been loving fashion pictures and of course I couldn't resist getting a photo of #JaneBirkin and #TheSpiceGirls. Leave comments below if you loved them just as much as I did! 

How has your week been? Its been a funny old week because I had booked to get my haircut done on Wednesday and 2 hours before I had to cancel my appointment because it was heavy snow and there was no way I could of got the bus. It was a nightmare. Anyway, I've managed to re book and I cannot wait till Friday. I'm going to feel like a new woman. I have not had a hair cut since November last year and I'm having my highlights put back in so yes an Instagram selfie will probably happen! 
Don't get me wrong, I love being busy at work. I mean if you are not the hours go by so slow its unbelievable but its nice when I get to have some spare time to blog when I'm not being a happy receptionist to our patients at the surgery. 

The amount of times I've been to the doctors or the dentists and the receptionist's look so miserable. They give the impression that they don't want to be there and I'm thinking 'its not hard to put a smile on your face' even if your having a bad day or you have personal issues. What a lovely welcome that would be when the staff don't look happy. Yes a doctor and a dentist aren't the best of places to be, people are sick at the doctors and there's a reason why they are there and the same when you go to get your teeth checked out but please 'try and make a smile'.

1. It makes the patients feel welcomed.
2. It can brighten people's days.
3. It can cheer yourself up or your colleagues.
4. Patients will feel like you want to be there.

Some patients can be so rude to you, it can be unbelievable to think that a human being would speak you to like that when the majority of us wouldn't even dream of speaking to someone like that. I've had it recently at work and even in retail. I'm sure a lot of people would have experienced it. I am right?

The saddest thing about being a receptionist at the doctors surgery is you see so many different types of people. People who are generally ill and come to the surgery just to get better and then you get the ones who come in every week sometimes a few times who really aren't that ill at all!

I've just finished my 6 month training at work and got the paperwork signed off,, it will probably take me a year at least to learn everything as there is so much to process. One of the things I am good at is handling people who can be rude to you. Never show them how you feel, always keep your feelings inside you. I know that can be hard. It really is not easy!

Anyway, why am I talking about work..

At the beginning of the post I talked about some pictures that I had seen on Twitter and Instagram which I have been loving and here they are!

What do you all think? I love them. The style, just everything about it. Oh and Leo in the 90's.
The world went crazy last week when he finally after 20 years won his first Oscar. I was so excited for him, he deserved it so much. He is a wonderful actor and was beyond happy for him.

I hope you all enjoyed my #ReflectingOnFebruary post, I have been enjoying doing these kind of posts. I suppose they give me targets on things I can make better and achieve for example like my blogging.

I hope you all have a lovely week and will be back very soon!

Love Lottie xx

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The style of #JaneBirkin

Thank goodness Valentines Day is over! I hope you all had a lovely day whether you are in a relationship or single like myself. Although I actually did a have a good day (Click to see my latest post) please feel free to click on the link and have a look. I am so surprised how many views it got, I was not expecting that at all so thank you so much to you all who took the time out to read it! 
Jane Birkin, yes she is that beautiful woman on the top of my post. I only came about her on Instagram and I absolutely love her style. Jane's style was and still is 'cool'. Birkin's see-through dresses, skirts so short you could see her underwear - at a time when most woman in the public eye were wearing conture, Jane was the original street-style star, who wore what hip. yoing Parisian women were also wearing. Did you know that forty years on, she's just as relevant, and no less an inspiration for hip young woman today. Alexa Chung told Fashionista that she had 'really just been ripping off Jane Birkin'.

As you can see from these pictures Birkin was all about what looked cool, regardless of how, y'know, practical it was. In the 60's (this was the days before designer handbags) one of her most recognisable style staples was a wicker basket, which she carried everywhere either for a swanky event or a stroll in the park. Apparently on a flight from Paris to London in 1981, she was attempting to put her basket in the overhead locker (why is there never enough room?!) and all the contents fell out. Which led to..

I hope you enjoyed reading this short post on the beautiful Jane Birkin. If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen I've been posting quite a few pictures of her on my feed.

You can also check out my latest post right here! (Just click the link below)
My latest post - A year since my blog began! #ValentinesDay

I'll be back soon with another post. In the mean time feel free to glance at old posts, I upload daily on Instagram and I've been loving Twitter recently. Thank you again.

Love Lottie xxx

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