Reflecting on June

Is it me or is this year going so fast!? We are already in the sixth month of 2016. It only seems five minutes ago since I was celebrating my birthday in January. I love doing this type of posts but now we are in June I would just like to say.. WE HAVE FINALLY HAD SOME SUMMER! In the UK last week was ridiculous hot and that meant I was able to sit in the garden, in my shorts and enjoy the gorgeous weather! Unfortunately I did have to spend the majority of the days at work which meant wearing black trousers and a white shirt! 

Like last month June has been an interesting one and well I start to reflect on how it has been there has been some one particular highlight and that is spending lots of time with my sister. That was one thing I forgot to mention in last months review and so I had to definitely feature it in here purely because we've been doing so much together when I'm not working and I love spending my days off with my sister even if we are just at home. If you have a sibling at University then you will know exactly what I'm talking about when I say 'Its so good that she's home and finished Uni forever' that feeling is the best. I myself have never experienced university so when Fiona went I missed like so much, its so hard seeing my sister in a few weeks sometimes months especially when your so used to seeing that person at home. So of course when she came home 3 weeks ago it was (as you can imagine) the best feeling ever! I was so happy to have her back. Since she has been home I have been spending a lot of time with her, I treated her two too meals (purely because she has no money) but it was nice to have a look around the shops and have lunch together. I love having those days like that.

At the beginning of the month I was trying to get start blogging again because I had been busy working and did not have the time to sit down and plan any blog posts. Luckily though I did not miss a week so I was pleased about that, I know I am only a part time blogger but I absolutely hate missing a week for you guys. As you know I love blogging so of course when I get a spare second I like to sit and think about some good blog posts for you all. 

I hope next month I will still be continuing to blog for you all again! Lets keep it up!

Lottie x

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