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When I started this blog I had no idea how much I would generally love it and it something that has grown a lot in the two years. I am not bothered about making money from it, it has just been about a hobby that is completely different to my life and something that I created on my own. It is my little place of joy where I can just be me and share my love of Vintage, Fashion and Lifestyle with you. I also feel blessed and very grateful that so many of you read Lottie's Lott and still love it, so thank you from the bottom of my heart! As some of you will know my blog slightly changed a little bit and lately I have been overwhelmend on what kind of things to posts particuarly with Old Hollywood recently. I feel like the things I have done in the past I do not want to repeat and I want to make it interesting for you all. Step by step I will get there, I do not know why I feel like this, I mean I love Old Hollywood so so much but I feel like once I get back in to it everything is going to be fine. I have a few ideas and I am hoping to start working on them very soon. In the next few weeks things will be changing in my life as I will be starting my new job and I will be starting something new and exciting in my life however because I will be working full time the only time I will get to blog will be at the weekends however that will be the prefect time to blog and to be honest I quite often do that now anyway. Somethings on a night I will open my laptop and start typing away if I have something that I want to write about then I will do it or if an idea pops into my head then BANG!

I recently have been loving Pinterest and Tumblr recently and I find it so relaxing scrolling through on a night after work or even on a weekend. I like to try and find ones that I have not seen before because its always annoying when you realise you have posted before but sometimes you just cannot help it. It really is great how much inspiration I get from looking through Tumblr and Pinterest - it s such a fabulous thing.

Lottie x

The Gingham Blouse

Hey everyone! I hope you all doing well and having a lovely weekend. Today's post I wanted to share with you a blouse that I am constantly dreaming about it and absolutely fell in love with it. It has to be one of the most favourite patterns I have ever seen and it really does look great and you can see why everyone is going on about it so much! 

Gingham for myself has been something that I loved seeing in shops and reading other fashion blogs but seeing it on myself was totally different purely because all I could think about was how on earth I was going to style this. Then by magic I came across this one from Topshop and I was so drawn to it and just thought to myself 'wow, I love it'. I was looking to buy clothes when I went to Berlin and I thought this would be the perfect blouse to wear on an evening with my jeans however this would totally look great with colourful trousers too. Not only was attracted to the monochome blouse but the fact it had a retro-feel to it and not only that but the puff sleeves which gathers at the shoulder. It is finished with the cutest tie you will ever see and that is what I generally love the blouse so much! 

The only thing I would say about the blouse is when you are buying it it is called a tall gingham blouse which I didn't realise until I was looking at it online. Of course it is great for you any of you like myself who are tall because you can either tuck it in or simply just wear it loose.

Here is a photo of myself in Berlin with some German beer which I loved and sat having a lovely meal (almost a week ago) with one of my closest friends. 

Lottie x

The Quiet Beatle I George Harrison

Hello everyone, This post is all about my favourite Beatle ever. George Harrison. So, a couple of days ago I saw some photo's of George on Instagram and of his first wife Pattie and I began to question as why I have never taken much notice into him. I am a huge fan of The Beatles, I started to like them when I was 16 which is 7 years ago now. I've always been a McCartney and Lennon fan. I think it is because they wrote the songs, but do not get me wrong I always loved Ringo and George too. Without them they would not have been The Beatles right? The complete four, the best band to ever exist! Since I saw some coloured and black and white photo's of George Harrison I have been loving him and all my followers seem to be enjoying the fact I have started posting some photo's of him. I also love the 60's era too. I wanted to write a blog post on him but I had no idea what to right, no one wants to hear facts on The Beatles or facts on George Harrison because everyone knows who is and I am pretty sure the majority of people know something about the band. I know I do!

I have asked myself why I have not posted pictures of The Beatles before or done something on each one? I have not and this one on George is going to be my very first! I am pretty excited about it.

This post is going to consist a few facts and pictures. It's going to be a good way for me to learn about George as I do not know a lot about him. This makes me sad. 


George's favourite colour was purple. He loved Formula One racing, egg sandwiches and watching Monty Python's Flying Circus on TV. His favourite movie was Mel Brook's The Producers (1967).

For most of his life and career, George thought his birthday February 25, 1943. (Hundreds of Beatle's book state this date) But near the end of his life, George changed his story and said his actual birthday was February 24, 1943. A family document revealed that he was actually born at 11.50pm on the 24th 

 George and Paul McCartney were the first two Beatles to meet. The two rode on the same school bus in 2954. Paul was 12; George 11. Before this, George and John Lennon had gone to the same primary school for three years but never met.

He officially joined The Beatles ("The Quarrymen") on February 6, 1958. He was only 14 at the time. George briefly changed his name to "Carl Harrison" in honour of his idol, Carl Perkins for an early tour of Scotland in 1960.

George's "first time" was with a German prostitute in Hamburg. He was 17. After the act was finished, the other three Beatles (John, Paul and then-drummer Pete Best) applauded heartily. George didn't know they were in the room.

George was the original Beatle composer. Although everyone knows John and Paul composed a great majority of the classic Beatles songs, George actually co-composed the first two Beatles songs on record. In 1958, at their very first recording session, the Beatles (then called "The Quarrymen" played the Paul McCartney-George Harrison song "In Spite of All the Danger". In their next early recording session in 1960, the band played a John Lennon-George Harrison instrumental called "Cry for a Shadow".

A versatile musician, George played 26 different instruments. Every Beatles fan knows George could play the guitar and sitar. But he was also well accomplished on the conga drum. the African drum, the xylophone. violin, harmonica, marimba and glockenspiel.

As we all know, George passed away from cancer in 2001. His mother, Louise had previously died of the disease in 1970. George wrote the song "Deep Blue" in her honour. His dad, Harry Harrison also died of cancer in 1978. The night of his fathers passing, both George and his wife Olivia in bed and viewed the same blue light. They both testified they saw a vision of Harry smiling at them.

Here are some of my favourite pictures of George.


Lottie x

Relfecting on April and My Trip To Berlin

Oh hello April, How fast have you come? As I am writing this post a week today I will be in Berlin and I cannot wait. Excitement is an understatement to how I feel to be honest, I have been waiting 2 months for it and it has come by so fast I just cannot quite believe it is a week today (28th April). I think this post will go up next Wednesday before I go and hoping to do a blog post photo diary when I get back. Keep your eyes peeled for that coming up in the second week of May! But back to the post I feel like this month has been a time where I have not been doing many blog posts compared to last month in March, I am not really sure why this is apart from the fact I need to start bringing in new ideas really. Something which I loved having was Easter and having a wonderful time off from work - it was a weekend of eating, walking and having fun with the family and I loved every minute of it. The weather was rubbish in York but that did not disapoint. However when Monday night arrived I did not want to go back to work. I must say I am rather lucky you know as I don't work in retail anumore so I do not work bank holiday weekends!! Oh my gosh, those were the days!

As a lot of you lovely people who follow me on my social media and my facebook page you might have seen that I have been in Berlin for the last 3 days and I have just got back. I went with my friend who turned 21 there.. that was so fabulous celebrating her birthday with her and we have so many amazing memories to look back on forever! So we went on Friday 28th April to Monday 1st May. We did lots of traveling and saw some amazing places

Lottie x

Please note the two pictures at the top of this post were sourced from Tumblr and the rest are my own.

April Favourites Photo Diary

So today's monthly favourite post is just a little bit different to what I have done in the past and I do hope you like this kind of way. I am taking it back to 2 years ago when my blog began and when Old Hollywood was my main focus for my blog as you will know if you have been reading Lottie's Lott for a while now that it has developed onto different things but I always like to keep my posts on vintage. Vintage is my passion and something I adore. So here it is a photo diary of a few of my favourite Hollywood pictures. 

Please note that the photos featured in this blog post are from google images. 

Lottie x
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