Reflecting on May

Hello everyone, I have started this post so much earlier than usual as something very exciting has happened right now and I only found about it the other day (the beginning of May) and I cannot believe it. OKAY OKAY, I'll just say it.. I only just got a new job at a solictors in York as an Administrative Assistant and it is full time too! I cannot wait to start it sounds as though its going to be great and lots to learn. I am very excited about this new change that is happening soon.. I start in June which is not that long at all! Of course I will absolutely miss the lovely ladies at Priory Medical and I have loved my time there, It is crazy to think in August I would have been there for 2 years but unfortuntely some things have to change and you have to keep learning new things. I am looking forward to my new role and I cannot wait to start. In a way I am waiting for my last few weeks at the surgery to finish even though I will be so sad to leave, I have had the best nearly 2 years working there and met some lovely people but unfortunately there is not the opportunity to progress further and develop my career or skills. I feel at the age of 25 that is something I should be doing and working full time of course. So yes I am very excited to start a new chapter in my life. 

Now with the excitement of starting at the beginning of June I feel like the majority of my weekends will be writing blog posts for you guys. I want to still post as much as I can and I know things will be slightly different and at the start I might not be publishing new posts straight away but please be patient and I will try my very best to get some new content to the blog in June. I am sure you will and I really do appreciate that. As the end of the month is approaching I am starting to feel sad that I only have 2 days left at the surgery and then the following week I will start my new job. I am looking forward though to starting something new and exciting! I will miss the priory ladies so much, they have been wonderful! 

I wanted to share this in my blog post regarding the terrorist attack that happened in Manchester, lets pray for the families who lost loved ones, pray for manchester and pray for our country.

 So lets see what next month brings.. the new job month! Like I said earlier please bare with me on new blog posts, it all depends on how its going but I will try my best. Keep an eye out on my social media for anymore updates. 

Lottie x

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