Top Old Hollywood Pics Of June

Old Hollywood has always had a special place in my heart. I love every single era from the 1920s all the way through to 1950s. Of course I love the 1950s the most.. but please don't tell a sole? In this post I wanted to do an top Old Hollywood pictures of this month. There has been so many I have loved and I wanted to share them on a blog post dedicated to Old Hollywood. I was also sadden by the death of Adam West. I loved him so much in the 1960s Batma; together Adam and Burt made a great team. Rest in peace to this amazing man, loved forever! Therfore I had to share a photo of them which reminded me so much of why I love them so much.

This post features images that were ALL sourced on Tumblr.

So I'm going to begin with Jayne Mansfield, I honestly love this woman and I think she was so beautiful, I loved her style and just everything about her. She truly was perfect. When I came across this photo I fell in love with it and had to have this in this post.

Marilyn, my queen. My Norma Jean Baker. I love her. The thing I love about Marilyn is her natural photos. Don't get me wrong I love the blonde but Norma Jeane was a brunette and I love how pretty she was before she became famous.

Rita Hayworth - she is only one of my absolute goddess's of Old Hollywood and when I had a revamp of my Instagram in 2015 this was when I truly found about Rita and actually Jayne Mansfield. Can you believe it?! Totally in love with her, her talent and the photo.

Adam West - I think my introduction to him was all I truly needed to say. Thank you so much, you will be missed and loved by people who grew up watching you play Batman and I will continue to love you forever.

Lottie x

Instagram Catch Up: Meet The Queen Of Pinups

'Guess who's back, back again,
Bettie's back, tell a friend.
Guess who's back,
Guess who's back,
Guess who's back,
Guess who's back,
Guess who's back,
Guess who's back,.'

Have you guessed it already? You most probably have judging by the photos and what a way to start a blog post, thank you Eminem. Anyway I decided to an instagram catch up post with a completely different twist on things and something which I have not done before with this blog post series of mine. I came across the other day on facebook these rare fetish pin up photos of Bettie Page and loved them so much I HAD to somehow make them into a blog post but how.. as my mind was thinking on how to do this I soon came up with the answer.. and no not a five facts about Bettie kind of post no but an Instagram catch up one featuring Bettie Page. Plus this gave me the opportunity to start the Old Hollywood posts again which I have been banging on about doing since Christmas. Now as you can see by some of the photos they aren't all fetish ones and I love seeing photos of Bettie just natural and not being a 'pinup' for the day. How she started before she became a Playboy PinUp model.

For example the one I just posted where she just looks so natural with her bangs, her clothing and if you don't know a lot about her and see her other fetish photos quite like the ones on this post you would think she was a complete different woman. The way she is dressed etc. 

I actually did an about her kind of post when my blog began but I was so happy to find these photos just whilst scrolling through a fan page of her on my facebook feed. 

Bettie Page is known to be the queen of pin ups and her legacy still lives on.

Lottie x

Here Comes The Sun

Here comes the sun, here the comes the sun.. but actually where is the sun? If you live in the UK you will 100% totally understand exactly what I mean when I say where has the sun gone? It came, it was here and then we had a week of glorious rain.. but it wasn't so glorious. I hate this kind of weather in the summer months as you have no idea what to where and you end up bringing out jackets and boots. You honestly feel like say 'why do you do this to us'. This post came about when I recently posted my Key Pieces For Your Summer Wardrobe Whatever The Weather which you all seemed to love so thank you for reading it! So this jumper which you probably have seen me wear it before and some of you might even own it yourself! It is perfect to wear at the moment as its not too thick but also keeps you warm when you step outside and breezy. The sleeves are the best thing about the junper, they are oversided. It is from Topshop and comes in so many different colours and great to wear with black jeans or whatever you fancied really. I love the retro inspired look it gives. #vintagevibes

The necklace is also from Topshop and you can choose whatever symbol you fancy and mine stands for protection and the chain itself you can either get it as a necklace or a chocker. They really do look great! Also not too expensive either which is always an added bonus.

As some of you may of noticed this week I have hardly been on my Instagram as I started my new job on Monday and all I have wanted to do is sleep when I get home. I have been so tired and have been getting up at 5:45am in the morning.. to catch an early bus to work. My first week was great but I have so much to learn and I'm on my own next week to do the rest.. so fingers crossed.

Lottie x
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