Reflecting on June

I start this post with a lovely little few images of my absolute favourite shirt ever! It is a shirt that have wanted for a while but never really got round to buying it until a couple of weeks ago when it caught my eye whilst I was walking into Zara, It is quirky and I cannot stop wearing it.. I think its the gold fish really don't you? If you are new to the blog then welcome and thank you for taking the time out of your day to have a little scroll on Lottie's Lott. I love these kind of posts so much, where I reflect on how my month has been. June is a special month for me as I have just finished my first week of my new job and at this very moment I really have had a good week. However something I have been missing is blog posts and Instagram's which is rare for me but right now I am focused on my new job and by the time I get home all I want to do is eat, binge on Suits and sleep. Hopefully I will not be going to bed at 8pm every night..lets see. So as I am writing in this, it is my second week and I was SO apprehensive about being on my own but as soon I got there everything just became natural to me and I felt fine. I was so blessed to have the guy that will be working with me keep coming up and asking how I was doing which made me feel so much better. Wednesday 14th June - you were a crazy day. However minus the madness I got there and got my jobs done for the day. I tell you something though I am not looking forward to doing banking even though its only something I would be doing whenever there isnt a cashier to do it and I was told its really not that hard. I hope not.. maths is not my thing! We will see how it goes, I have 2 weeks till I have to do it! (Help me) I have to keep positive with that though, I have too and I am sure it will be fine! I guess I can update you with that.. perhaps in this blog post. I'm pretty nervous about doing the banking on my own next week I wish I had more time to the training. It is easy and it is not hard but I'm still thinking 'do I need I need more time'. It is next Wednesday..  I believe so.

I do want to say that I am sorry this post has been pretty much based on my new job but that is something that is new and different at the moment.

Just a little update from July - unfortunately the job hasn't worked out so I am now looking for something else. I guess the best is yet to come and I cannot wait to truly find something that is right for me!

Lottie x

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