MY TRUE LOVE - Marilyn Monroe

I have always loved this woman Marilyn Monroe or as she was in these stunning photos Norma Jeane Baker. She to me is many of things, a strong woman who did not have an easy life but was determined to make something of herself. She wanted to be loved, she wanted to be a mother and she wanted to be normal like you and I. She dreamt of so many things and lots of people took her for granted and unfortunately in those days she did not get the proper care and health she really needed. Everybody has the own story to how she died, her death was a mystery but as true fan of Marilyn I am sure so many of you like myself believe one true reason as how she died. I have invested a lot of time into this wonderful lady's life. She was a star, a queen and will always be my idol. As some of you will possible know if you started following this blog in 2015 then you will know how much she means to me. I could go on and on about her, her style, her looks, her movies, her childhood and the rest of her life. But I bet the majority of you all will already know so much about her. In fact my favourite movie of Marilyn's happens to be 'Some Like It Hot' she was a sweetheart and it is such a funny, good hearted movie which I am sure you would have all seen, its a true classic! If you are someone who is wanting to watch a movie of Marilyn's then I would 100% recommend 'Some Like It Hot' watching it for the first time 2 years ago made me realise how much I adore her and how talented she truly was. Her voice is breathtakingly good. 

As a fan of Marilyn I soon become totally in awe of her and her photos. I wanted to know all about her life, research into the things I didn't know, I read up on her life and had my own idea on exactly what truly happened, watched documentaries and really fell in love with her intire photo collection and become so inspired by her photos when she was so much younger and just starting out at being a model. I could not get over at first she was originally a brunette and her natural beauty was just amazing. She really didn't have to change and dye her hair blonde to the point her hair kept falling out because she would bleach it. 

All she wanted was to be loved but she was by her fans, by the people who loved her.
She was our star, our angel, our girl and our favourite old hollywood star.

I recently came across the collection of photos above and I had not seen them in a long time and I knew I had to make a post dedicated to this beauty.

Lottie x

Instagram Catch Up

So today I wanted to show you my current Instagram feed and actually do what I like to call an Instagram Catch up and show you exactly what has been happening on my feed and what photo's have made my current feed. If you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed recently that I have been posting rather a lot and this is due to the fact I have lots of things I have wanted to share with you and what better way to do it then on Instagram right? I have had lots of people saying to me how much they love what I post and this is just a great feeling and something so lovely for people to say. So many people have some really cool Insta feeds is just the best feeling and inside I smile and say to myself 'Yes Charlotte you go girl' and even my mum even says its great and she doesn't even have an account she just enjoys going on my phone and scrolling through. GUESS WHAT?! she even thought it would be a fabulous idea to mention about in an interview I had this week as I had to a 2 minute presentation on whatever I fancied so I brought in my SGT Pepper Vinyl by The Beatles and talked about my love of music, my vinyl collection which lead me on to discuss about how I love vintage clothing and even how I have a blog! They thought it was really interesting and how I had a blog.. you get so many people who think its so cool when you say 'oh I have a blog' it is that part of yourself which is diferent and people want to know all about it. 

Anyway, after that long ramble I wanted to share with you what I have been loving recently from the above pictures and perhaps a little selfie of myself. As you can tell from the photos I have been truly inpired by so many style inspiration posts from Tumblr and had to add them to my feed. I also have been loving the beautiful Kate Moss again. Now I did not go off her (how could you) I just had some time to realise how much I had missed her modelling photos when she in her youth and to be honest that has to be the same with Mick Jagger too. I honestly think he is one of the coolest men ever! and what is my feed without a photo of myself and my queen Marilyn and the most dreamiest picture of Paris I have seen which I found on the Instagram page 'The Lovers and Drifters Club'.

I hope you enjoyed this post and didn't find it too dull. I love writing these kind of posts and I am so close to 1,900 followers on Instagram too! That is ridiciously crazy and I want to thank everyone of you for following me on Insta and my blog. You have no idea how much it means to me and how happy I feel that people enjoy reading what I post.

Lottie x

July Favourites

Another monthly favourites has come round again so quickly again and in today's post I wanted to mix together different photos together and keeping the Vintage inspired theme as always. All the photos above you may have seen that I have posted a few of them from my Instagram but they were all orignial sourced from Tumblr. How much do you love them? I love all the photos that I chose for this post and every one is all part of the blog Lottie's Lott

B O W I  E 

Let me tell you something about the photo I found on Instagram. Whoever created this the bomber jacket and designed it, wow! Thank you. I would 100% wear this every day. I love it so much and I am a fan! I love Ziggy so much.


Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls let me introduce you to Jayne. Jayne? Jayne Mansfield of course and I know I have talked about her recently so I do apologise but please forgive me you lovely people.. but have you seen the gorgeous picture of her above? I love her so much don't you? What a queen and one of my favourite Old Hollywood Stars.

J U L I E  C H R I S T I E

I saw this photo and thought 'wow I love it so much'. This would look cool to add to a post right?
If you have read my blog for a while you guys will know I am obesssed with old vintage black and white photos. If not, you just learned something new about me! 

S T Y L E  I N S I R A T I O N

I love style inspiration so much its one of the great things I enjoy and love to share it with you. Listen, how many times have you seen a tube in PINK? and seen a bike look so pretty and retro. 

Lottie x

Disclaimer: Please note all of these pictures featured in this post were sourced from Tumblr.

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